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Office design is no longer determined by the number of workers, but on efficiently adapting rooms to improve employees their stay, creativity and of course overall productivity. 

Modern office design intends to encourage collaborative work through the use of bench systems combined with ergonomic adjustable office chairs so interaction and mobility is made easy. Pedestals are usually either integrated into the desk or shared. In an open office furniture environment personal lockers are used to an increasing extend. 

Open flexible spaces have also become more efficient as technology allows workers to work from almost anywhere and in any position. Height adjustable desks or sit stand tables can be customized towards each employee with the push of a button, making fixed personal working stations redundant. 

Office workers spend more time on their working chair than they do in their beds Task chairs therefore remain the most important item in any office. An office chair its purpose is to support productivity. This means that its benefits should be functional. Adjustable seat height, adjustable armrest and a chair with lumbar support are some of a chair its most ergonomic essentials. 

Informal meeting are easily conducted in the open space using easy to move stackable chairs or stools. Increasingly common zones with lounge furniture re assigned for having quick meetings as well. 

Wall panels, suspended ceiling panels, and acoustics screens between work desks can be added to the open space in ways that absorb sound , as visual element, and as way of separation between open office zones and private work areas. Even one step further are easily incorporated acoustic pods that create a room within a room, offering two-way sound insulation that ensures noise remains on the outside and what goes on inside stays private.

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