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The sophistication and associated cost of implementing a stylish reception area, versus a welcome area with standard office furniture depends in large part on what the nature and service level of the business is or the level it wants to communicate. The waiting furniture at the reception is often the first impression a client or guest experiences upon entry of a building. Well thought through reception furniture is essential for both the first impression and the efficiency of an office its waiting are. Reception areas usually have several furniture items in common: 

  • Reception desks or reception tables

  • Comfortable and ergonomically visitors chairs

  • Soft seat sofas or comfortable soft armchairs for guests to use while waiting

  • A designer coffee table to hold drinks, magazines or to provide a (working) surface for visitors

  • Wardrobe 

Stroymoda works with international renowned European furniture producers in realizing reception furniture needs for any type of business or public hall. Based on the wishes and demands we will team up with the most suitable furniture brands in terms of design and cost.

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