Meeting area

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In smart offices meeting areas are an essential part of the office lay out. Modern office interior has seen a change in use of spaces and the style of meeting room furniture used. A variety of spaces, open and private meeting rooms, conference rooms and other informal meeting spots such as coffee points, allow for an engaging and collaborative company culture. 

Differences between casual or formal meeting furniture are expressed through the shape of the meeting table, use of colors and the types of meeting room chairs used. Low comfortable visitor chairs with bright fabrics and a round meeting table give a more informal debate vibe to the meeting room. Rectangular meeting tables completed with high backrest leather conference chairs implicate a more formal setting and are therefore used as executive furniture. 

A high table with high stools encourages short meetings. Only a standing table and no implicates that this area is only for quick chats and i might even be situated in the open office space where others are working at the same time. 

Making a meeting room effective means that the furniture and equipment used should adjust to the participants and match the actives conducted in the room.

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