Decorative Film & Printed Glass

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Bring both style and functionality to any glass surface with our privacy glass films. A glass film is a thin self-adhesive material which is designed to adhere to the top surface of smooth glass panels. We offer a wide selection of decorative interior films or incorporate a client its own design to transform ordinary glass surfaces into impressive custom designs. We can print any image on film, as long as it is delivered in a workable resolution. Films like frosted pvc film or mirror tint film add immediate privacy and all films block UV rays while still allowing (natural) light to enter the room. Decorative glass films are durable and easy to clean. 

Digitally printed glass is a new design technology. Its durability, precision, and limitless design possibilities make printed glass very suitable for use in office interiors. Glass printing fuses graphic design and special machinery with inkjet technology to get designs from file directly printed onto glass. Once printed, the ink is permanently bonded to the glass after a tempering process. This ensures the final product can easily withstand scratching and fading.

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